I Started a Proofreading Gig on Fiverr Today

Fiverr is a lucrative place to make money doing a vast range of gigs. Without a doubt, proofreading is one of the most competitive gigs on Fiverr. Having said that, I still chose this proofreading gig to start working on. Is that decision wrong? Let’s keep reading to figure out.

I Love Proofreading, So I Took the Plunge

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I’m much of a cautious person; I’m even more cautious when it comes to writing. That explains why I always spend enduring hours proofreading my articles after writing them. Over the past few years, I’ve gradually found interesting in this boring work.

Now I’m passionate in proofreading and editing. I’d love to correct grammar and to polish sentences. I know if I start a proofreading gig, I’m going to do it well.

I don’t mind competing with other sellers. Competition just makes me better. All I have to do is constantly provide quality in my gig then buyers will know and order.

What You’ll Get When Ordering My Gig

As a promise, you’ll always get the best from my gig. Here are 5 qualities I’ll consistently deliver:

  • Check out spelling and grammar: As mentioned before, I’d love to correct grammar. I can seek out any mistake in spelling and grammar.
  • Remove overused words: Some overused words such as amazing, fantastic, terrific and tremendous are boring if you use them too much. Try to steer clear of those words whenever possible.
  • Suggest better word choice: I’ll pick out wrong words and replace them with the smarter ones.
  • Rewrite wordy sentences: Wordy sentences are lengthy and made up of many unnecessary words. Needless to say, wordy sentences must be simplified.
  • Improve clarity and readability: Undoubtedly, your articles/documents will become clear and easy to read after being heavily edited.

How Do I Feel Now?

Frankly, I’m a little nervous because it’s the first time I’ve sold a gig on Fiverr. I hope everything will go on the right track. Waiting for many orders ahead!

What about you? Have you ever started a gig on Fiverr? Do you have advice to share?

P.S. Please hire me if you need someone to proofread your writing. Here is my gig on Fiverr: I’ll make a decent edition to 2500 words from your writing for $5.


  1. ArisaMiura says

    Please revise the following: “What You’ll Get When Order My Gig”, “Proofreading is a hot gig that many people doing it right now”, “even more serious when comes to writing”, “I began to find interested in this boring work.”, etc., etc., etc., etc. It’s painful to read your post. English is clearly not your native language and you couldn’t proofread if your life depended on it. Proofreading English is not for you!

    • says

      Hello Arisa,

      It’s astounding to see your comment on this abandoned blog. Granted, proofreading in English is not for me. But how about freelance writing? I always enjoy writing on a large variety of topics. Plus, I am a budding writer.

      As your request, I’ve slightly revised this post. Thanks for picking out my silly errors. I truly appreciate your constructive criticism, and I will take it seriously.

      Chan Huu

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