I Started a Proofreading Gig on Fiverr Today

Fiverr is an awesome place to make money by doing a wide range of jobs. Some are just fine. Some are really ridiculous. Proofreading is a hot gig that many people doing it right now on Fiverr. I, however, still chose this proofreading gig to start working on. What seems to be wrong with my decision? Let’s continue reading to figure out.

I Love Proofreading, So I Started Doing It


Photo Credit: sj_sanders.

I’m cautious, and it’s even more serious when comes to writing. In the past, I often spent hours proofreading my articles after writing them. As time went by, I began to find interested in this boring work.

Now I’m sure I’m passionate in proofreading and editing. I’d love correcting grammar and polishing sentences. I know if I start a proofreading gig, I’ll do it well.

I don’t mind competing with other sellers; competing just makes me better and better. What I need to do is constantly providing quality in my gig then buyers will know and order.

What You’ll Get When Order My Gig

As a promise, you’ll always get the best of my gig. Here are 5 qualities I’ll consistently deliver:

  • Check spelling and grammar: As I’ve already said, I’d love correcting grammar. I can seek out any tiny mistake in spelling and grammar.
  • Remove overused words: Some overused words such as amazing, fantastic, terrific, tremendous are boring if you use them too much. Try to avoid these words whenever possible.
  • Suggest better word choice: I’ll pick out wrong words and replace with the smarter ones.
  • Rewrite glue sentences: Glue sentences (wordy sentences) are long sentences that are made up of many unnecessary words. Rewrite to make these sentences clearer and shorter.
  • Improve clarity and readability: Of course, your articles/documents will be clear and easy to read after my careful proofreading and editing.

How Do I Feel Now?

Honestly, I’m in a good mood but a little nervous because it’s the first time I sell a gig on Fiverr. I hope everything will go right. Waiting for many orders ahead!

What about you? Have you ever started a gig on Fiverr? Do you have advice to share?

P.S: If you need someone to proofread your writing, you can give me a chance to do it for you. Here is my gig on Fiverr: I’ll make a decent edition to 2500 words from your writing for $5.

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